Thursday, July 7, 2011


happy birthday to me :)
yeay yayy
i'm officially 20 y/o 
being a teenager is very fun for me
this doesn't mean that i'm not young anymore.
many obstacles,
things happen ( good/bad) has matured me now.
thanks for those who are in my life.
i love you and i heart you from the bottom of my heart forever 

early celebration
here's the story , 
i began to feel strange plus curios when they are always closed the door. it's rare for them to close the door,  but that thought disappear when one of them said that they are trying new clothes. after that, they went to "ria tomyam" to buy food . i was very hungry on that time, siyesly. sangatsangat. 
after a few just kidding :p half an hour later, Muni asked me untuk masuk dalam bilik , dia cakap ade benda nak discussed. pfft. not long after that, they knocked on the door tapi i was talking with someone on the phone. haha!then, dorang buat kejutan sampai kena letak phone. mesti terkejut sebab bunyi bisingbising :)))))  hahahahaha

happy ice-cream cake :)
mak suke mak suke
cake ini sangat sedap 
walaupun vanilla is not my fav HAHAHAHA
tapi jihan bantai je semua :p
ice-cream vanilla kalau mkn dgn roti BEST
thanx thanx thanx thanx
jihan hargai sangat sangat

yeay yay, saya dapat hadiah

thanx kepada Muni Mun Fyda Pae Teku Ekin Aimi Mimi
love ya :)

sedikit sbanyak untuk early celebration. nanty ada lagi entry untuk 0707 celebration! coming right after this.

xoxo:srikandi jihan


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