Tuesday, June 28, 2011

hati hati hati

hello, hye semua
luahan hati jihan untuk hari ini

to someone who might concern
hye you, i wanna say im sorry coz cakap phone lebeyh kureng.

i know dat hati ni susa nak maafkan anda tadi. 
nak buat macam mana kan? you have to accept it

i know yg you tak sengaja nak cakap macam tu,
tapi i siyesly terase. tapi tak pe. i tau silap i dulu. 
i terima.i know i was wrong once
i try to do better than before
i know sometimes i can be very stubborn
which is difficult for people to understand

ignore ayat atas dlm gmba, just bace im sorry ye :)

p/s: ber i - you pulak ye

xoxo: srikandi jihan

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