Monday, June 27, 2011

dunno II

letting you go! it's hard for me to accept it. people come and go. some of them, drop by for a while hoping to get something, some drop by just for fun and some just want to take advantage ish ish ish. they give an impact to me. but nothing i can do. i'm seeking with hope for answer but still don't get positive answer. so, i write this entry to say, i hope you happy with your life without me :)HAHAHAHA and people who want me in their life/ heart  ( ade ke? :p i really appreciate it. i love uols more than uols love me. sometimes i sat alone, thinking that why people have so many attitude.Haishh, impossible for me to change korang2 punyeeeee attitude. ade jugak with broken trust and broken heart . all empty promisses, hmm. just go ahead. leave and dont come back.tenkiuu sebab baceee 

xoxo:srikandi jihan


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