Thursday, August 30, 2012

sharing your love life story ?

 Assalamualaikum .

sharing your love life story. 

last night i was whatsapp-ing with someone and it turns out that we both share our love life story. ahaa . late night texting, that topic just pop out.and guess who fall asleep first? 

okay its kinda weird isit? me telling someone my love life story . and i never told anyone bout that xcept my brotha ,ya(kezen) , and muni (my rumate). and what am i thinking ? its personal stuff aite? privacy u know privacy .

im not kind a person who tell story to everyone . am i ? yes . im just not like that . maybe i like him. thats why i told him. maybe? eh do you? like him? BIG QUESTION MARK 

ahaa . hurm. maybe we both have a common . and let it be laa common tu kan.

persoalannya sekarang, what is your love life story . care to share?

p/s : englishbroken. dah biasa :)

thankyou for reading 

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