Friday, February 4, 2011

Fall in love when you are ready

Fall in love when you are ready, not when you are lonely


Sekarang pukul 1.00 am. entry hari ni sangat la jiwang. tapi xla jiwang mana kan? okayh, let us see...

10 signs you're falling in love :)


You forget to eat. 
bukan lupa, nak makan je tetibe rasa kenyang. betol tak? HAHA

Kedua, you catch yourself smiling 
omg, am i? da kalau dapat text, pastu gelak sengsorang??? camane pulak?? inikah nama nya cinta,inikah cinta ok, tetiba nyanyi :p

ketiga, you can’t look at the person.
Suddenly, it’s impossible to hold a decent conversation with the object of your affection, because you’re afraid if you look them in the eye, they’ll be able to tell you’re melting for them inside.  care yang bkesan: talk to their forehead, tapi macam pelik je

Keempat,You think about them when you’re getting dressed in the morning
Ish ish ish, tak patot betol. ada ke patot? xpatot xpatot

kelima,You realize you miss them when they’re not around.
Because when they are around you just don't realise how much of your life they take up and when they're gone the void is huge

keenam,You get jealous about odd things.
when you love or feel greatly for someone, you only want them to yourself 

ke7,You can’t concentrate on work.
kerja ntah ke maneeee

kelapan, liked the things he/she likes
amek tahu apa yang dia suka dan tidak

ke9, really sad when he/she x contact
sedih kalau tak contact sehari.

ke-10, suddenly insomnia
insomnia? omg, jihan macam susah nak tido gitu.. adakah??

Hurm, jihan amek 10 signs ni, sebab jihan rase macam ade kene kene je sikit.. NO 1  Xbetol, NO 2 betol, NO 3 betol, NO 4 tak betol, NO 5 betol, NO 6 betol, NO 7 betol , NO 8 betol jugak, N0 9 betol n last pon betol.. 

HOH, 8/10.. Am i? but who? tande soal


xoxo: srikandi jihan


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